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About The Coalition

The Coalition for the Homeless of Nassau County was organized in 2006 by a group of concerned citizens and became a 501(c)(3) organization in 2008. The Coalition brings together local agencies, organizations, and individuals who are dedicated to working to prevent homelessness and improve conditions for those experiencing homelessness.

The Coalition for the Homeless is a primary volunteer based organization, managed by a CEO and a Board of Directors.

Leadership and Board Members

Carlene started in real estate in October 1978 and has been a broker since 1983. She operates a successful real estate company called Palm III Realty. Carlene has served as the President of the Board of Coalition since 2020, and as a member of the Nassau County Affordable Housing Committee since 2018.

In 2010 she became interested in helping individuals who may not have a home. She started a program where all agents in her office would donate $25.00 per closing, and she would match the funds. 

Through those efforts Palm III has donated more than $150,000 to the Coalition for the Homeless of Nassau County, Little House Ministries, the Humane Society, Cat’s Angels and Big Dog Little Dog to date.


Joe joins the Coalition with extensive experience in the public and private sectors.

Joe owns the Zimmerman Group, a communications and technology organization. Joe served the public as district staff for former State Representative Janet Adkins and managed the district office for Jacksonville’s largest City Council district (7) and economic center. Joe joins the Coalition with extensive experience in policy making and public affairs. He currently serves our community as the At-Large Planning and Zoning Board Member for District 5, a member of the Nassau County Chamber of Commerce Workforce Housing Task Force, Board Member of the Citizens for Public Beaches and Shores, Board Member for Alpha Starz Youth and Family Organization, and as a Board Director for Eldersource Florida, where he currently serves as the Governance Committee chairman.

Zen is retired. She is married to her husband John, has two children, three grandchildren and three cats.

She is always open to volunteer wherever she is called, and by serving on the Coalition she is doing God’s work through her hands. 

Roger retired from the oil, pulp and paper industries, and has been married for 55 years (Priscilla). He has two children, Gregory and Daphne, and two grandchildren Penny and Virginia.

He  is the K of C – PGK Treasurer, and regularly volunteers at the Salvation Army Hope House. He joined the Coalition because he wants to give back to his community.  

After a 35-year career in Human Resources, Darryl Ford and his wife moved to Fernandina’s Historic District in 2018. Darryl now spends his time as a volunteer with the Coalition for the Homeless.

Peg retired from the retail sector. 

Widowed after 44 years of marriage, Peg has three children, 4 grandchildren and a dog named Gracie. She retired from her career as a Registered Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologist. Earlier in life she and her husband operated a retail jewelry business. 

At the Council on Aging, Peg has volunteered in different capacities for the past 6 years. 

She also acts as a mentor after organizing a group of women caregivers providing support for one another who have loved ones struggling with dementia. 

She joined the board of the Coalition for one reason – because she likes to help others. 

Lauryne retired twice, first after 25 years in government and after 20 years with the airline.

She still currently works substitute teaching with the Nassau County School District. 

She has one daughter, and 3 beautiful grandchildren. She works as a volunteer with Barnabas and with America’s Youth. 

She decided to get involved with the Coalition because she has an deep interest for those that are homeless in our community. As a veteran, she realizes that many veterans are homeless. Serving on the Board allows her to outreach to the African-American community and let them know about the services the Coalition offers. 

George Spicer is a retired boilermaker, who resides in Callahan with his wife, Marilyn, and his dog Willy. 

George was Nassau County’s District 4 Commissioner, and decided to join the board of the Coalition in order to help individuals on the west side of Nassau County get in touch with services the Coalition offers. 

Wendy is a retired Navy Chief with 22 years of service.

Currently she is a substitute teacher for the Nassau County School District, member of Memorial United Methodist Church and is a member of a  contemporary band singing and playing percussion.

She volunteers at the Day Drop=In Center and Gracie’s kitchen locally, and has been on 10 worldwide mission trips to Kenya, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Haiti and Costa Rica.

She enjoys traveling and local community theater.

Jennifer works for the City of Jacksonville in the Disabled Services Department. 

In her free times she enjoys dragons, reading and painting. 

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