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Cold Night Shelter

The Coalition partners with local hotels to offer a place to stay when temperatures drop below 50 degrees, offering respite and supporting local businesses.

Day Drop-In Center

The Day Drop-in Center is open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM - 1 PM offering a light breakfast, lunch and access to basic necessities.

Westside Expansion

The Coalition is actively working towards expanding our facility offerings to provide services to the Westside of Nassau County.

About Us

Providing Hope For The Underserved

The mission of the Coalition is to prevent homelessness in Nassau County and to coordinate with other organizations to help homeless persons receive the services they need. It is also the mission of the Coalition to create, fund and maintain individual programs and ministries in furtherance of this objective

Throughout our lifespan we have been working toward new and innovative ways to ensure that the most vulnerable among us receive the services they need. We exist to ensure they can persevere.


We are a non-sectarian, non-partisan non-profit. We represent a diverse group of volunteers from a variety of industries. We have been in existence since 2006 providing services in Nassau County.


The Coalition serves as an incubator for those who have a vision to serve our community. Under the direction of our CEO and Board of Directors we vet programs and help them come to life.


Nassau County currently doesn't have a homeless shelter, but there are community resources available to help you. Check them out:


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